D.E.A.S. Guild Info

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D.E.A.S. Guild Info

Post by Fallen Elf on Sun 7 Nov - 19:44:09

Ok, so I'm finally going to make this.

Guild Rules

You must obviously have the utmost respect for the founders, and, basically, anyone higher than you. You cannot break the laws, or kill someone unauthorized by our guild, because that draws too many attention to the guild. You must show loyalty and respect for the guild, and you cannot challenge someone for theirs or a higher position of power.

Listen to the orders people higher than you give, and respect the orders people below you give, unless unreasonable. Do not relinquish guild information to anyone outside the guild without the guild's authorization or approval. Do not challenge other guilds to guild wars for an unresonable and illogical reason. You must "carry your weight" in the guild, so to speak. You should do work for other guilds, like helping them out with issues unrelated to us, or helping them with missions unrelated to us in exchange for money from that guild. You must deposit most of this money to the guild, because the guild needs money for repairs and whatnot. As a member of the guild, you can get armor or weapons smithed from any weapon or armorsmiths around the guild for a discounted price, or even free, based on the seller's consent.

Acknowledge me and Alkara Thelduin as the founders of the guild, and whom remain the most powerful politically.

Don't do anything you know or think the guild wouldn't approve of. Our guild isn't that evil; we just go for power and of course we need money to maintain the guild, but we also help other guilds out.

Do not complain unjustly; report your complaints to someone whom has higher or equal authority to the one you are reporting. You must also do missions for the guild, and remain active in guild activities. Relinquishing guild information to anyone unauthorized is an immediate ban, or rarely, suspension, from the guild. Breaking guild rules, based on the severity of the crime, is also equally punishable.

Once you join, inform us what classes you are going to be, and what class you are going to specialize in, and I will place you into a Clan. Also try to remain active as a guild member. Share your ideas, suggestions, worries, etc. If you have any questions, ask me.

Guild Forum

You can access the guild forum here, and it isn't as small as it looks. We hide guild information from non-guild members.


We have several clans. You are placed into a clan based on what skill you are going to major in.

Clan name: Aettin Skugi(Clan of Shades)
Clan purpose: This is our clan of shades.
Leader: I'm the clan leader.

Clan name: Aettin Utsendari(Clan of Scouts)
Clan purpose: This is our clan of scouts and bowmen. Scouts often do recon, as do bowmen.
Leader: Akla Tou Oavatou

Clan name: Aettin Varomann(Clan of Assassins)
Clan purpose: This is our clan of Assassins. They often do assassination missions that are based on stealth and simplicity. Their assassination missions usually have to do with them assassinating important NPCs.
Led by: Durzasminion

Clan name: Aettin Rida(Rogue Riders)
Clan purpose: This is our clan of Rouge Riders. Note, to be a rider and be in DEAS, you must not train to be a fully fledged rider, or else you will be stuck as a Rider. At a point in time, Vrael will ask you if you are truly committed to being a Rider, and you either swear in the Ancient Language that you are committed, and won't leave, or you leave. You have to do the latter(second) option.
Led by: DarkNova317

Clan name: Aettin Toframadur(Clan of Magicians)
Clan purpose: This is our clan of magicians. This clan remains pure, as they are not shades, but usually something like Arcane Warriors, or Spellcasters, or reccomendedly both.
Leader: aragar eragonson

The Beastmaster clan is led by Alkara Thelduin, but he has yet to specify what the clan motto is, and the logo for this clan is also not made yet, because he has to specify the motto.

The Craftsmen clan is leaderless, and therefore, has yet to be made. If you want to be a craftsmen leader, send a PM to me!


We will occasionally(when the game comes out) have in-game meetings at one of our guild bases, where we are to discuss plans and whatnot. All members are viable to enter these meetings, and higher ups(captains, chiefs, and the guild founders) will also have meetings exclusive to their corresponding rank.

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