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FAQ for Alagaesia Online #2 Empty FAQ for Alagaesia Online #2

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Old one got spammed up, so I locked it and this is being restarted. Stay on topic.

Thank you DM for putting this FAQ together.

Q> Will this game be free?
A> Yes. Alagaesia Online will be free. We don’t have the rights to charge any sort of fee for this game. This isn't a game made by a company, it is just a game made by a few people.

Q> Will you be able to be more than one race in Alagaesia Online? Such as elves, urgals, or dwarves?
A> No. There was much argument and planning on this, and as much as we tried, we could not balance the system enough between the races without going beyond the description of the books. We would wish that we could include those races, but we also want to be fair. However, there still will be other races in the game, just as non-playable characters.

Q>How do I become a Dragon Rider?
A> We’re making it so that not just anybody can become a Rider. First of all, you have to be a certain (high) level to even qualify. Second, you have to be chosen to be tested by Vrael. Third, you have to complete the tests given to you by Vrael. The tests will be very, very difficult to do, so only the best of the best go through. The tests will test intellect, morality, combat effectiveness and magical prowess if you possess any magical abilities. If you complete them, you are given an egg of the colour and gender of your choice. If you are a Shade, you cannot become a Dragon Rider.

Q> Can my dragon die?
A> In Alagaesia Online there will be a Regeneration Limit. What that is, is a system that allows your dragon to come back to life if it dies. However, if your dragon has died so many times that it goes beyond the Regen. Limit than it dies forever and you are left with the Eldunari. This is to ensure you don’t abuse your power and try and take over the world over and over again and have no consequences. Though, if you die first, than your dragon's Regen. Limit is unharmed, and you spawn in the nearest city, with your dragon by your side In PvP areas, the Regen. Limit is turned off so you won’t have to worry about losing your dragon. The Regen. Limit is 10 lives.

Q> I have an iMac. Will I be able to play Alagaesia Online with it?
A> No. Unfortunately, BYOND Games are designed to work on Windows based PC’s only. Boot Camp is software included with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard that lets you run compatible versions of Microsoft Windows on an Intel-based Mac. For further details on Boot Camp please visit this site.

Q> How many classes are there to choose from in Alagaesia Online?
A> There will be 5 classes to choose from at the start. You also are able to train more than one class at one time. You can train to be a Warrior and a Craftsman simultaneously. Another way of saying it is that you don’t have to wait until your finished your Warrior training to start your Craftsman training. Once you have mastered a starters class, such as Scout, you can continue on training in an advanced class to become an Assassin. Or, if you have some training in two starters classes, such as Warrior and Healer training, you can become a hybrid class, such as a Combat Medic. There are 13 hybrid/advanced classes.

Q> How big will the map be?
A> The map includes everything that is found on the maps found in the beginning on all IC books, from the 5 islands off the coast of Surda to the farthest reaches of Du Weldenvarden. There’s also another area that we've been planning; the Northern Ice Cap. The very same place where a young Galbatorix ‘s first dragon, Jarnunvosk, died. It'll be the elite area, where the worst baddies lie. And you will be able to explore it all. However, the whole map will not be released right from the get-go. As the game gets older and more people start playing we will release more and more of it.

Q> Will I have to download this game in order to play it?
A> You will have to download a certain BYOND player. Just go to the BYOND website and download a simple player from it. It doesn't take that much space, but it is for Windows based PC’s only.

Q> How good are the graphics going to be in Alagaesia Online?
A> Alagaesia Online is going to be a 2D game. The graphics are going to be something similar to a high quality pixel art game like you find on 2D Nintendo DS or an iPod Touch/iPhone game.

Q> What timeline will Alagaesia Online take place in?
A> Alagaesia Online will take place in the Golden Age of the Riders. Which means neither Eragon nor Galbatorix will have been born.

Q> Will there be missions in Alagaesia Online?
A> Yes. In Alagaesia Online, missions are basically tasks that you can do for someone, whether it would be for a simple farmer, or a very large guild. These missions can range to anything, whether it would be as simple as helping someone farm, killing someone of importance, settling a dispute, or even, building a house!

Missions also give rewards to the player for completing them and the rewards themselves can range in value. From a simple nights rest, to very high priced, rare, or valued items.

Q> Where can I purchase the basic items I will use in everyday life in Alagaesia Online?
A> We will have a sort of trading center in each major city so that people don't have to run all across town just to get from shop to shop. And the "rarer or more unique" goods will be found with individuals across the city/town.

Q> Can my friends and I create a guild?
A> Yes. In Alagaesia Online, Guilds are basically groups of players that any player can create, or join. They can hold missions for each other, make war with other guilds, and can provide mutual bonuses and help for individual players.

Though there is another catch with Guilds that concerns Dragon Riders. If a player becomes one, he is automatically placed into a new, already set up Guild that is solely for Riders, known as the Order. Even if you are already in another Guild, you are taken out, and placed into the Order.

You cannot make war with the Order, but can negotiate or ally with them, do missions for them, or help them out in some other way, and in reward, can be given the chance to earn some rare, Rider only items. Such as armor, weapons, etc.

Your guild will be able to have an article of clothing of your choice that can have an insignia to represent the guild.

Guilds will be able to have their own land. There will be certain areas in Alagaesia that will allow large Guild Buildings. That is where an architect will come in since they will be the one's who will create the houses/castles that people will house their guild.

Q> Will I be able to own a house? If so, will I be able to customize and put furniture in it?
A> Yes, you will be able to own a house. Architects will be the one's who build extra houses for people, you will need to gather materials (ex. wood, glass, etc.) to build the house and, if desired, furniture, to go inside. It will be similar to Sims games, or like the old Tycoon games. Where you have to buy a specific piece of something and place it to try and make something.

Q> What type of currency will be used and how hard is it to come by it?
A> Crowns will be used and they will be the only form of currency used, unlike WoW and similar to RuneScape.

Q> What happens if I die?
A> You spawn in the nearest city and you will lose whatever items you had on you. Weapons, armour and permanent items cannot be lost so you will keep those. Whoever killed you will be able to pick up the items you have in a set amount of time before they disappear.

Q> I saw a video on YouTube that looked something like Alagaesia Online, was that it?
A> No. There are no videos of Alagaesia Online anywhere and any you find that look like it may be Alagaesia Online, are not. Once we have made a video we will notify everyone by posting it on the topic.

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