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Winners for out first quest Contest!!

Objective:Track down some theives and return the family heirloom of the trapper Tristan Beavers and other item that have been stolen by the theives
Step by Step:You see a trapper and walk over to talk to him as you talk you learn that a family heirloom of his has been stolen. You talk to the villagers and you learn that a group of theives has been spooted in the area and you decide to investigate. You find their camp and ambush them,killing them you retrive the heirloom and other items stolen and return them.
rewards:a small bit of crowns and rawhide
Name:Words of a Thief(thought it could use a name though im never good with names)
Objective/Overview:Solve riddles from thief in a local pub.

Step By Step:Start by talking to character. Then he makes a jest towards your intellect and an argument ensues. When a friendly local suggests that you both test each other by asking each other riddles that they have to answer and the first person to be befuddled is obviously the less intellectual Then they ask you a simple riddle. You then choose between a couple of answers and if you pick the right one you then choose a riddle for him and 1/3 will befuddle him. You could go on up to 5 if u don't choose the right 1 that befuddles him. All the while the riddles he gives you continue to get harder and harder. But at the 5th riddle you give him he will automatically not know it, then being a arrogant thief that is befuddled by a "boy" distracts you and attacks you taking 1/4 to 1/2 your life but being a thief is reletivly low level.(If you happen to lose you can talk to the thief again because he is overconfident that he will make a fool of you again.)

Reward:You gain a good amount of INT exp and a little bit of STR exp. Maybe even the thiefs cloak which will raise your thieving level 1 or 2 while it is on.(only if AO is going to have that skill/ability though)

Riddle #5 could be You:"What eats over 100 sheep and comes in many diffrent colors?"
Thief: "obviously a dragon."
You:"no a wool rug"
Argetlam Tre
Quest: The Anti-Assassin
Difficulty: Knight

You must track down an assassin with a plot to kill the king. You need good hunting/tracking and thieving, along with a good combat level.

You talk to the order and recieve news that there has been an assassination attempt on the king. It failed, but there's no guarantee there wont be more. You search for clues, and seeing one, you head off to the spine. You must track his path back to his base, as he was wounded in his attempt and needs to recover. You get to his cave, and see that he laid a trap for you. You must fight your way out of there beating him and 2 of his minions. As he falls, you pick up a poisoned dagger and his boots of silence. Those are your reward, along with many crowns and a friend in the king after you report back to him.

Objective/Overview: Recapture a kidnapped Princess or high noble's daughter of Teirm

Step By Step:First you must ask around town if somebody had seen the three men or over heard their discussions. Lucky one man saw them at this pub and the barkeep happens to have over hear something about sailing to Kuasta and that he heard the name Eagle Wing which you assume is their ship. So now you have to get a boat because sailing is the fastest way to Kuasta. So you talk to the Lord or High Noble and he agrees to pay for a small fast boat.(You can add something about you having to find a worthy vessel but its not entirely necessary.) So you have your supplies and so you set sail.(If you would like to you could put in a little mini game where you have to maneuverer you vessel around rocks and catch wind in your sails to go faster, but it isn't necessary.) You arrive at Kuasta to see one man tethering the boat "Eagle Wing" (just a name that came to me) to the dock. So you go up to the man and ask him where he came from. He glares at you menacingly, but proceeds to answer "Well my fellow sailor I", suddenly he attacks with his fist. (He being a strong opponent but not very skilled hits very hard but not very often) Then you will gain the advantage when you deplete his hp and ask him where they were taking the princess/Noble's daughter he tells you they were taking her to a small cottage off in the wood not 10 miles south of Kuasta. Then as you can not kill the man in cold blood and can not have him follow you hand him to the guards and tell them of his crimes. You hurriedly continue on your way after the other two. (Then could play short clip of one of them waiting in the brush for the man tethering the boat to the docks.) Then you notice three sets of tracks and you notice the set in the middle appear to be being dragged along a bit. As you stop to study the tracks the man in the bush attacks with a short relatively weak-medium strength bow. (since he is of great skill he almost never misses but the bow isn't strong enough to pierce your armor with a lot of power) You dispatch him and continue on your way when you spot the cottage with the man out front. He is holding a dagger to the Hostages throat. Then the following could go a bit like this You: Let me explain. Man: There is nothing to explain your trying to kidnap what I've rightfully stolen. You: Perhaps an arrangement can be reached? Man: There will be no arrangement! You: Well if there can be no arrangement then we are at an impasse. Man: I'm afraid so I can't compete with you physically and you are no match for my brains. You: Your that smart? Man: Well I don't figure I have to be to smart to beat the likes of you. You: In that case, I challenge you to a battle of wits. Man: For the princess? You nod. Man: I accept! You: Good then we will ask each other one riddle the person who isn't befuddle loses. (I can't think of any riddles) After you befuddle him he quickly attacks you. (He being a very difficult opponent being strong and very skilled) Then you go back to town with the hostage and go back to Teirm and hand her over to her father.

Reward:Large amount of INT and STR exp and the ability to sail from coastal city to coastal city. Large amount of Crowns and/or a very nice weapon of some sorts. (maybe a rapier??)
Name:Retrieve and Return

Plot:You must go to the dragons and bring a dragon egg back to The Order that is going to go to the next rider that is asked to become a rider.And not get caught or lose the egg.You have to warriors accompanying you appointed by The Council.

Steps:You travel to the mountains where the dragons live and bring back the eggs to The Order so they can present them to the next rider.You must fight Urgals along the way that are trying to steal the egg.

Reward:A medium amount of crowns.

And honorable mentions to all who participated. We look to have another in Janurary.


Oh yeah, the overall Winner.

The Overall Winner and a person Guaranteed to be a Beta Tester is Me!!!!!!

Okay, fine.
Format:- Conspiracy unraveling & capture quest.

Difficulty:- Master.

Overview:- The elves living in Du Weldenvarden have reported some sightings of an unknown apparition - like thing moving around the forest with great speed. The reports received by King Evandar show that there's only a day's difference between the sending date of the reports, but they're all from different cities (near Ellesmera, Silthrim, Nadindel, Osilon & even Gil'ead). The reports also say that the elves who saw the apparitions also felt a massive drain of energy from the trees. King Evandar concludes that there is more than just one of these apparitions & that they require enormous amounts of energy for sustenance. He sends out his strongest mages to investigate on the matter. Two weeks later another group of mages sent out by the king recover the bodies of the elves of the first group, saying that there was the evidence of powerful magic, most probably used to conceal the bodies of the elves, around the place where they were found (all of the parts above can be a flashback or something). King Evandar becomes more worried & sends out requests to all people of Alagaesia to track down the menace that is stalking the forest. When you come to know about the request, you ask the elves in your locality to take you to Ellesmera. On reaching there, King Evandar tells you that he's heard a lot about you, gives the details of the quest based on the reports he receives & asks you if you accept. If you do, you will be given the command of a group of 15 elves & taken to the place where the bodies of the elves were found. After exploring the forest for some time you come across a fragment of black cloth with a strange symbol woven into it with gold thread. When you show the elves the cloth, the oldest one blanches & tells you that around 1500 years ago, there was an order of elves who lived by their own rules & used to terrorize & massacre the normal elves. They were hunted down by Anurin & his strongest Riders & were thought to be finally eradicated, until now.....

The objective is to capture these elves & bring them back to the king, alive. These elves are extremely powerful in magic (equal or maybe greater than some of the present NPC Riders in the Order), they can summon spirits, they control the minds of many creatures living in the forest (these creatures attack on sight but should NOT BE KILLED, only their mental influence has to be nullified, & they may have clues in their mind about the whereabouts & plans of the terrorist elves), they have help from other NPCs like some Shades, assassins, etc. & a spy who is very close to King Evandar, so they know you're coming for them. Each of these elves will be encountered one at a time, & once you've overwhelmed the elf, you can collect any gemstones he might have (but they won't have more than one, if they do). There are 5 (not confirmed, can suggest increase in number but not decrease) elves in all, & the apparitions spotted (you'll learn later in the quest) was actually some kind of dark magic used by the terrorist elves in which the spirits they might have summoned is taken control of & trapped in a corpse. The apparitions can cause no harm to you, but when near you, it'll assume the form of a terrorist elf or an NPC Shade, assassin, etc. (you have to find out a way to differentiate between the 'apparitions' & the actual guys). You'll also learn more & more about the conspiracy as you completely break the mind of each elf, & after you capture the last elf you realize that the elves were planning to assassinate King Evandar, King Hrothgar (or his predecessor, whatever), King Angrenost (or whoever was the king of the Broddring kingdom) & all their nobles, along with Vrael, to establish a single government under their command (basically, dictatorship over all the three races). They had also planned to drain the energy of all the trees of Du Weldenvarden & seize control of all the Eldunarya from the Riders (you know, energy reservoir to use against rebels once their rule is established).

Rewards:- 5000 crowns (can suggest change in price), a diamond ring from King Evandar (which can hold as much energy as Brom's ring), & the title of Elf - Friend. As extra rewards, you can keep all the gemstones you collected from the elves & gain possession of a set of clothes (tunic, leggings & cap padded with mail) which will drain energy from the surroundings when equipped to make you invisible & layer you with wards against a wide range of physical & magical attacks (suggest changes if not suitable).

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