Skills for Blacksmiths

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Skills for Blacksmiths Empty Skills for Blacksmiths

Post by Spartan on Fri 4 Feb - 20:30:35


1.Able to trick a customer into paying double amount of money for what is sold.(skill)
2.Allows the blacksmith to make armor or weaponry faster.(perk)
3.Gives blacksmith more strength.(perk)
4.Able to make better weapons.(perk)
5Able to make better armor.(perk)
6Knows more about different metals and is able to use them better and make them stronger.(perk)
7Will be able to make special weapons.(skill)
8Makes swords have an attack bonus with every three hits it deals.(skill)
9Can make enchanted armor that will boost its chance of blocking an attack by 10%.(skill)
10Can make enchanted weapons that can deal an attack that will have a 20% chance of dealing a fatal blow.(skill)
11Will be able to get something like an adrenaline rush that will increase the speed of him making a weapon or piece of armor by 90%.(You can lessen that if you want.)(skill)
12Boosts knowledge of tools that will increase speed.(perk)

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Skills for Blacksmiths Empty Re: Skills for Blacksmiths

Post by MINDROP on Fri 4 Feb - 20:35:56

Shurt, it needs more detailed. Look at mine. I have no clue what is a perk and what is a skill. Also, it lacks the stacking numbers for each of them. Skills will have a lower stack than perks.

Oh, and you might want to redo it once I redo the weapons, armour, etc. Which includes levels to make the,

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