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Alagaesia Online Forums Rules

Post by Alfreredocsil on Mon 20 Sep - 22:31:35

1. Please remain civil, it is possible to disagree and still be on the same forum
2. Please be patient and give the benefit of the doubt before making an @#s out of yourself
3. No nudity, any posts of obscenity will get you banned
4. No cursing, this isn't as important as #3 but it's moderately important
5. Above all else have fun here!
6. No Spam, except in the dedicated chat forum, but then it is not spam. When you're thinking about replying/starting a thread you should ask yourself a few questions...*
A. Is my post in the right place?
B. Does my post have some significance to it? (Not needed in the short forum games section but you should ask if you are following the rules.)
C. If I were someone else reading my response, would I want to read it? (One word posts and personal conversations fall here.)
7. Spam is tolerable in the off topic section only. No post bumping. Just becuase Spam is tolerable, does not mean you can not be warned for it.
8: Mods and Admins have discrepency in dealing out warnings and Ban, suspensions and other warnings.
9: Personal conversation is allowed in the introduction threads because the first post is the intro, subsequents posts are usually welcomes from members so it's permissible.
*If you answer yes to all three of these, post away!
If not, you may want to rethink your post.
It's obvious enough that on a message board, quantity is not better than quality. The best way to earn respect at a place like this is to respect the members, and make decent, significant posts.
It should also be noted that posting a response that is simply a conversation with one other member should instead be done through private messaging. If you're interested in a thread but you have to go through 4 pages of personal conversations, you probably wouldn't be too pleased. Please be considerate of others. We want an easy going forum but one word posts make the forum hard to read.

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