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  5. Brisineo
    Humor : Yes, I may talk to an imaginary dragon. So what? At least I can have an intelectual conversation with myself every once in a while! :P
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  6. Fallen Elf
    Humor : Never offensive, if it sounds offensive, it's a joke or sarcasm. :D
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  7. FlameAssassin
  8. FreestyleSkier
    Humor : xD A sunday school teacher was worried that her kids weren't connecting with god, so she asked them, "where is god?" One said in the sky, another in heaven and a third said "In my Bathroom." The teacher replied, "now johnny, what makes you think that god is in your bathroom?" The boy replied, "because every morning my dad bangs on the door and says 'Jesus Christ, are you still in there!"
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  10. Sage of Dragon Age
    Humor : ^^^If its blank, does that mean that you humor?^^^
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